Last day in Kilpisjärvi

The Kilpisjärvi biological station in winter is a nice place for a stay. It is not busy at all, but still you meet some other researchers to discuss new ideas. It is well equipped (with stuff like sleighs, snow shoes and ski) and has an own cantine that serves breakfast and dinner. We had nice food here including the very local reindeer meat dish.

The station at foot of mount Saana

Stuff arctic researchers need

The station is famous for the research on lemmings. They are part of the logo, you can read an article in the hallway and look at (touch?) some lemming fur.
Logo of the biological station

Lemmings on Nature cover

Lemmings on poster

On the last day in Kilpisjärvi we don't have to drill holes anymore. We can inspect data, take down our installed measurement devices and start to pack. We watch our lake physicist friends unpack their ROV (remotely operated underwater vehicle) a nice device that is built to skate (!) just under the ice taking measurements.....

The under-ice-ROV

We forgot to take daytime pictures with our all-sky fisheye lens camera - so we take a walk down to the lake.

Kneeling down for all-sky picture..the toes get cold if your boots are sticking in the snow

We still have plans for a little light pillar experiment during the night. For shopping we drive to the next town in Norway to findout that the shops do not have what we wanted.

Fjord in Skibotn


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