Abisko at daytime

I stay two nights in Abisko so I have the day inbetween to have a look around. It is freezing now, and I mean freezing:
Its freezing - or would a Volkswagen lie to you?

It is actually so cold that your breath freezes on hair and eyebrowes. Tourist info is closed. Fortunately, I have been in Abisko before (at +25°C) so I know some places to go. First stop is Abisko STF (tourist station) where the long distance hiking trail "Kungsleden" (kings way) starts. For me about 1 hour of walking is enough. But the freezing is rewarding as the nature looks just magnificent and its quiet and lonely (there are only very few hikers around).
Frozen hair at Kunsleden hiking trail

Frozen waterfall

Apart from the spectacular frozen waterfall, the Sami (Laplands native people) camp is worth mentioning. Just 300 m walk from the parking lot you can learn how they built their huts and storage sheds. They even built sheds for their goats.
Sami camp wiith main hut left
The goat hut!
This is how thhey buildt it...
The single-pole storage shed

Time to warm my feet in Björkliden, a hotel restaurant and ski station near Abisko. There are spectacular views from here. I can use the time to analyze data and blog. Their aurora view point is one spot I will do measurements tonight.
View from Björkliden

View over the frozen Torneträsk


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