Disko in Abisko feat. Aurora Bo Realis & The Freezing Toes \,,/

...so I got a room in Abisko in Abisko National Park, one of my favorite places in Scandinavia!

I took a room with a window (same price as without window...so what do you pick?). However, you dont have blinds. Well, doesnt matter its arctic night, right?

Ironically,I got a fancy LED color changing triple flood-light installation right in front of my window 😁.

Disco in Abisko!

Well that's very anoying. Luckily room has a 3 person bunk bed so I can use the sheets to cover the window.

The evening got worse when I saw that the sky is not clear (forecast was clear) but Abisko is covered in (icy) fog resulting in a "nice" orange fog-glow. SQM reading was around 16 mags. Illuminace was 0.2lx with only few direct contributions.

So I went to sleep a bit as the last night was really exhausting. Set the alarm to 10pm. Got up same fog soup 😠.

Well I am here to do measurements at all weather conditions so I jumped in the car and drove through that soup. I expected it to be pitch black outside of town (the thick fog should attenuate the celestial light and the light pollution should be confined locally...) but it wasnt. Got out of car switch off all lights standing lonely on the highway (well its a bit scary but sort of cool as well).

And there was....no sound but light! Not pitch black at all...I could walk around everywhere without a torch. (Well you need snow-shoes to do that and its spooky and dangerous - I didnt had permission by my wife to walk off roads at night).

Took out the camera and well there was a fog layer and a glimps of aurora above. So the light is diffusely scattered and reflected around by the snow. Illuminance was 0.007 lx - sounds not much but with the snow I could navigate around easily.

Drove a bit further and it got better. Finally, the sky cleared up at 68°18'31.6"N 19°12'03.6"E and there came the auroras in all different colors but so dim I could only see colors on cam (video at bottom of page).

So I took a time series. And was aurora gazing. 1 hour later I got seriously cold feet. Went in the car and found out that I cant feel my big toes! Well thats a warning sign. You quickly forget that it is below -20° and this can be problematic when not moving much.

So I warmed up my feet with the 12V hairdryer (!!!)...I will tell about that device in a later post. I was wondering what is so bright outside. More brighter aurora (I could see inside of car while having some super-dim lamp on). When toes were back online I slipped in the boots again and went outside for another time series (this time with shorter exposure - video at bottom of page). Fog returned after 15 mins. So I stopped my measurements at 3 a.m went to bed at 4 a.m. and woke up w/o alarm at 10 a.m.

So here are the videos:


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