UFO in Kilpisjärvi?

The coast of Norway is lit up a lot, but we expect it to be much daker when approaching Finland. We have clear skies in Norway but as we turn towards Finland, the weather changes rapidly. It gets cloudy, windy and sometimes foggy (although it is the frozen fog again).
The scenery appears relatively dark, but some glow in the distance is clearly visible. With bare eyes it is not possible to distinguish if it is aurora or skyglow from artificial lights. However, when we turn around the corner on the mountain pass near Kilpisjärvi in Finland, we are facing a scenery that looks totally unreal.

Mysterious glow near Kilpisjärvi
Image processed as luminance map (using Sky Quality Camera Software)
It is not an UFO landing, but the new toll station between Norway and Finland that greets us from the distance.
Zollstation bei Kilpisjärvi
 There are not that many street lamps in Kilpisjärvi, but it is enough light to brighten the sky significantly. We measure brightness values on the order of 19-20 mag/arcsec^2.

Kilpisjärvi Streetlights
 We are too tired to do a survey as we arrived very late (actually at 4 the morning), find our comfortable rooms within the Kilpisjärvi Biological station and fall to sleep, that is disrupted much too early.


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