Lapland 2018

This section provides a brief overview what was done in January 2018 during a survey of light pollution in Lapland.

The survey worked as follows:
  • The trip started in Kiruna in North Sweden and then went towards Tromsoe in Norway
  •  We fruther drove to Kilpisjärvi in Finland where we stayed a few nights with a colleagues our institute and some researchers from Russia and Finland
  • The trip ended again in Kiruna
(Map of the itinery and a map of the light pollution in the area at the bottom of this post)

We measured the night sky brightness, illuminance and spectra with different instruments including:
  • All-sky camera
  • Sky Quality meters with data loggers
  • A road runner SQM system mounted on the car
  • STARS4ALL TESS photometer
  • Luxmeter
  • Spectrometer 
Map of itinery (from Google Maps)

Map of light pollution (from


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